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Coming soon.. some free stuff  I think you’ll like..

[ royalty free media I’ve created ]

Below is a growing list of sites that I think are worth a mention..

(I’ll format nicely soon)

AI – It’s everywhere !

Google Bard –

Adobe Firefly –

OpenAI DALL:E 2 –

Eleven Labs Voice AI –

Techmoan – The grand daddy of stuff..

Some of the best, most thorough reviews of Dash Cams, odd gadgets, pocket / keyring Cams out there..

MKBHD – Marques Brownlee

If you want quality reviews of the top phones, gadgets, 4k screens etc then Marques ( MKBHD ) has it all.. deeply knowledgeable on the big toys.

AVIMux – Great utility – little favourite of ours..

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