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I have recently updated my DJI Phantom 3 Advanced, Mavic Pro Platinum, DJI Mini & Mini 2 to the Autel Nano+ and oh my..  what a Drone it is.. It was a nervous first flight but great fun..  lots more on this to come I hope and a review in the making.. bottom line ___ GET ONE !!!

Recent reviews/articles include DJI Action 3, GoPro 11, Akaso 7LE, Amazfit T-REX 2, Insta360 One RS and much more.

We have a ton of gadgets to show you..

Things we like:

  • Lights – The brighter the better !!  See our latest review of the SkyRay – Awesomely bright..
  • Phones – The bigger (mostly) the better – Samsung’s business friendly A13 ‘In your pocket
  • Doing it on a budget – We show you how to save on the crave – Budget friendly phones, drones and action cams
  • Machines – Ligt Painting and Mr Blobby !
  • Apps – You can make them.. we do !! – VR Vision explained
  • Visuals – 3D video – 50x Bridge Camera – Lots of samples (coming..)
  • VR and 3D – It’s cheaper than you think and HUGELY fun

So if you like ‘Stuff’ then let us help show you what’s good, what’s fun and what’s on your NEXT Christmas list..

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