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2023 Edit: Things are a changing..

Unfortunately google changed their systems and my Apps needed updating to stay on the store.. I’ll try to do this at some stage but times a little limited for these things.. it’s a shame as I had topped 10,000+ installs on each App !

Oh well.. i’ll leave this page as a nice memory to 2015 🙂

You need to do this..

If you have a smart phone then either build your own VR headset or buy a pair from ebay for under a tenner. Google launched the seriously impressive Google Cardboard last year at the 2014 Google I/O conference. I didn’t go along but I did tune in and this caught my eye.

Google Cardboard, VR Headset, ColorCross

Google Cardboard – VR Headset on the cheap

Follow these steps and you WILL have fun..

  1. Download this template to make your own headset
    1. Alternatively but one from eBay – Click for a list
  2. Install Google Cardboard App – Click for link
    1. We also have made an Android App – Click here for link to Google Play
  3. Be AMAZED..

It’s really kind of that simple..  eat your heart out Occulus Rift 😉

Sooo..  you have Google Cardboard or a plastic better version like ColorCross…  now what ??

FIRST – Check out our new App on Google Play..


Or click HERE if the above link doesn’t work.

Then take a look at this little beast;

3d video, z100, camileo

Toshiba Camileo Z100 3D Camera

We take one of these through it’s paces. It’s not a ‘great’ camcorder but for playing with 3D as a first step it’s really fun. The quality is so so but then its under £130.. i’m certainly enjoying it so I say, if you can and you’re interested in 3D video then it’s the ideal experimenter.

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