Lots of ways to capture the moment, steal the soul & put it in a box..

My main goto quality camera is the Sony A6400.. coupled with the outstanding Sigma f1.4 wide angle lens..

My 2nd goto has to be (other than the obvious iPhone).. the GoPro 9..

..and this has produced some pretty spectacular pics at night.

But here’s a couple of others I’ve had and enjoyed: 

SL1000, 50x Zoom Fuji Finepix SL1000
sl1000, supermoon, super moon

This picture was taken on the Fuji SL1000 using its amazing 50x Optical Zoom

3d video, z100, camileo
Toshiba Camileo Z100 3D Camera
galaxy note 4
Samsung Galaxy Note 4.. from way back, but was possibly my favourite and way ahead of everything else then..

2015-02-08 11.32.05

Sample pic taken on the shockingly good Note 4 camera..  best of the best on a phone in it’s day !

Google Cardboard, VR Headset, ColorCross
Google Cardboard – VR Headset on the cheap

This part is being worked on..  yes, yes, I know i’ve used these pics before but it’s a big section and i’m ploughing through some great samples.

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