Wow – 2018 already.. I have been quiet here.. but busy – LIGHTPAINTING

Well it’s a new year and I have a new resolution..  push out some good quality Video’s to help grow YouTube and then get this blog kept up to date.

These things take time and I guess just like you find.. it’s an increasingly rare commodity !

I have, however, been pretty busy with some new experiments.. this time in light painting..

The first was done using a torch with half a pingpong ball attached to the top to give a glow that’s visible from many angles.. btw – the message is aimed at you all 🙂

This was a 10 second exposure with the colour balance pushed right up.. light source was an iphone 6 flashlight being moved around quickly.. has a Terminator 2 feel to it.

This last one was shot on a Samsung S8 using pro mode and again 10 seconds..

The sparks came from me spinning some wirewool inside a metal whisk on a chain.. I lit the wirewool with a PP3 battery.. a lighter works equally well.

I will shortly post a how-to video on YouTube with some more great examples.

Happy new year !

Amazing (& cheap) USB lights

USB Lights


I’ll have a great little review of these brilliant little USB lights up on YouTube very shortly.

These gems should be on your keys, in your laptop case and maybe even just tucked in your wallet / purse.

Super bright light from pretty much any USB socket / port / charger / OTG cable / emergency power bank etc etc

SkyRay King 10k Lumen Cree XM-L T6 LED Torch

This is a first look at my new 7 x Cree XM-L T6 LED Torch.

It’s painfully bright, the documentation quotes 10,000 lumens.. I can’t verify the numbers but I can say it’s VERY bright.. painfully if you happen to glance at it on full power.

It run’s from 4 x Li-ion batterys (18650) that take a fair time to charge via the supplied charger.. we’re talking maybe 10 hours a pair !

Colour quality and range is excellent. The light is very white and looking at surrounding colours they all appear pretty close to daylight colours.. blues, reds, yellows and greens are very clear and sharp so a broad spectrum light.

I bought mine through eBay for around £40 inc p&p, mains charger and batteries.

A thumbs up always helps and please subscribe to my YouTube as I have a great range of reviews all on the way soon.

Cheers, Tim –