Sky Ray King – Awsome 10,000 Lumen Torch

I love bright lights and this is by far my brightest to date.

The spec quotes 10,000 lumens from 7 x Cree emitters. I dont currently have a way of verifying the exact brightness but what I can say is it is EXTREMELY bright, in fact painfully bright if you inadvertently glance its way while on full beam.

It has three modes all of which are operated from a single button. Full brightness with the first press, roughly one third brightness on the second press and strobe by a   l o n g   press.

As reported by others, these torches, when on full power, generate a sizeable amount of heat. Be aware, this CAN cause problems if the are enclosed in say a pocket and the button accidentally pressed.. I had this very problem and the torch was too hot to hold.  Luckily nothing was damaged but it could have been very dangerous if left next to something flammable or even a mobile phone.

More follows..

Watch USA Netflix in the UK

Now this is cool !!

A simple, very cheap way to watch the American (US) Netflix. In the past I have tried the usual VPN / Proxy services with varying success but this little plugin for Chrome is foolproof.

This link takes you to the Google Chrome webstore for installing Chrome extensions. These are little plugins generally designed to extend the features of your browser.

It installs itself as a simple on / off toggle button in the top right of your browser… so simple.. and it works (as at 14/1/2015)..



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