PowerDirector 15

Just caught this little nugget from doing some searching online..

The yet to be announced Cyberlink PowerDirector 15 !!

powerdirector 15

There is also some info and screen images within the video I found here:


The 360 degree video support and layer blend modes in PowerDirector 15 sound just the ticket.. been waiting for the blend modes for years !!  a feature I have always loved in Adobe Premiere Pro.

Look forward to getting my upgrade soon..


Amazing (& cheap) USB lights

USB Lights


I’ll have a great little review of these brilliant little USB lights up on YouTube very shortly.

These gems should be on your keys, in your laptop case and maybe even just tucked in your wallet / purse.

Super bright light from pretty much any USB socket / port / charger / OTG cable / emergency power bank etc etc

JJRC H5C Quadcopter Drone – Amazing !!

JJRC H5C Drone first outdoor dusk flight. Fantastic cheap drone with HD Camera
This is the first flight outdoors with my new JJRC H5C quad copter drone. It comes equipped with a 720P HD camera and a 2GB SD card all for £36 inc from ebay.

The only additional thing you need to get is 6 AA batteries for the handset.

I filmed the flight with a GoPro Hero 3+ on a head mount.. sorry about the alignment but I had no visual feedback to see what was in shot..

BTW I edited this on the wonderful (and cheap) Serif MoviePlus X6… you can often pick this up for less than a tenner and it’s very zippy.

I’ll post some links to things shortly..



FreedomPop ‘free’ SIM

Maybe times are changing in the mobile world with the introduction here in the UK of the first free mobile phone service. It sounds good and I believe if handled correctly, it could be a life saver..

Here’s a quick breakdown and here’s my reasoning on why it could be really important.


For (as of writing) a mere £6.99 as a one off payment including postage and activation fee you can have a mobile phone 3G SIM that will give you 200 minutes of talk time to any UK mobile or regular Landline, 200 SMS (text) messages and 200mb of data a month…  FOR LIFE !

Surely that’s a bargain ??  Well if you apply carefully, it is !

They must somehow have a way to make money, you ask ? Yes, as usual the devil is in the detail.. When you apply take careful note of the small extras.. Things like more pro or premium answer phone features.. Double the minutes and data offer….. Free but for a month or so….

They’re all there and actually quite clearly stated but before you do the usual clicking agree / next / next… Make sure you read the small print, often at the bottom of the screen.. The trial of free double data/talk/text automatically starts charging your card when times up.

Another point of note is the automatic top up that occurs. To be fair they seem good value prices for minutes and data but I see this as a much better deal for a different reason.

The leave in the car / at work / holiday shack / bug out bag or den SIM in a simple phone that’s always available for emergency.

My SIM is on the way… Check back shortly for my experiences and thoughts along with my recommendation on a handset.

Thanks for checking in 😉

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